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Trip to best Waterfall in Bali


Unforgettable Trip to Best Waterfall In Bali

It was the first night when we arrived in Lovina, North Bali. Then, we went for dinner at a local eating stall called “warung” along the main road.

The next morning we made a trip to a village called “sekumpul” where magnificent waterfalls are located. Our guide was very helpful. He always showed us the way where too many un-mapped roads to choose from a long the way. We did have a great trip through the villages on our way to Sekumpul waterfalls.


When we first enter the area there are an information booth and a sign saying that we should get a guide because there are river crossings. The path to the waterfall is not always easy to follow. There is one small river crossing immediately before the waterfall. Maybe here are some choices of which way to go along the way but as long as you always follow the main path you will be alright. Also, just ask the local people or your guide if you really get stuck.
The walking experience in Sekumpul is really pleasant. The area was not crowded and very tropically green. There were also some people who sell fruist, drinks, food, etc. along the way. What is more is that there are some spectacular views along the way.

When we finally came to a three junctions in the road, we went up the hill to our left. Here is also the spot of the ticket booth to the waterfalls. When we got to the bridge, we crossed it and turned left.
To get closer to the waterfall, at the end of the path it is surely that we needed to get our feet wet.
Besides showing us the way, our guide also gave us historical information about Sekumpul village with its magnificent waterfalls.


Swimming in the pond of the waterfall seemed to be quite dangerous for us. The water seemed to be quite powerful, and besides, we got wet enough just by standing near the waterfall. Also, please be careful to get closer. The rocks were very slippery around the waterfall.

Above all, Sekumpul Waterfall is a very spectacular natural splendor. We took a lot of pictures and videos of Sekumpul waterfall and its surroundings up close sometimes with the mist on my camera.
We hid my shoes and t-shirt under a rock so that they wouldn’t get wet by the spray of the waterfall while we explored around.


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